From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The Town of Wittenberg was organized in the early part of 1881 and at that time comprised the present townships of Wittenberg and Birnamwood, and the villages therein.

The first town meeting was held April 23, 1881, when the following officers were elected: Chairman, J. R. Cowles; Supervisors, J. F. Franklin and Richard Oney (due to absence the town appointed Herman Meisner on Nov. 3, 1881); Clerk, R. E. McConley (upon his resignation Wm. Wieland was appointed May 14, 1881); Assessor, J. S. Klovdahl; Treasurer, W. .T. Hagen; Constable, J. G. Brunner; Justice of the Peace, Herman Meisner (appointed June 6, 1881).

At the same meeting, the following school districts were laid out: School District No. 1—the Whitcomb School; No. 2—the Forest View School; No. 3—Village of Wittenberg; No. 4— the Riverview School; (These districts in present Town of Wittenberg); and Nos. 5, 6, and 7, now in the Town of Birnamwood.

The first church was Immanuel's Church, built in 1881, and now known as the First Lutheran Church. Rev. E. J. Homme served as its pastor for the first twenty years and gave the town its name of "Wittenberg."

In 1889 Birnamwood became a separate township.

The following are the names of the early settlers in the Town of Wittenberg:
G. Arnold, O. Aannonson, C. W. Beardsley, J. G. Brunner, Joseph Boreen, J. Rice, R. E. McConley, P. Dahl, Ed Day, H. Erickson, J. F. Franklin, H. G. Folkman, P. O. Fagemyr, H. F. Gralapp, Nels Gilbert, John A. Gunderson, Anton Gunderson, John Grimstad, W. J. Hagen, O. N. Hagen, B. Jewson, John S. Klovdahl, J. Lyons, C. Long, H. Meisner, W. Miller, A. J. Meyer, F. Maas, Ole Madson, Wm. Nehls, Ole Nelson, John Olson, C. A. Porter, O. W. Peace, H. Rew, W. Stevens, H. A. Sprague, Wm. Wieland, Thomas Westgord, O. R. Wilson, Erick Anderson, J. W. Bishop, G. Bowker, Baumgartner, J. R. Cowles, Raymond Curtis, S. Carlson, A. K. Dahl, S. Danielson, W. H. Fuller, S. Falstad, A. B. Ferguson, Fleming, H. M. Gunderson, Andrew Gunderson, Jacob Gunderson, Andrew Grimstad, A. Guhr, A. A. Heistad, H. Helgeson, Frank Johnson, Wm. Kessell, H. Lawrence, Warren Long, G. W. Madson, C. Miller, C. K. Mathieson, J. A. Miller, Edw. Nelson, Wm. Nueske, Richard Oney, D. Odegord, F. E. Porter, Ridant, B. Roper, D. S. Stewart, D. Williams, C. B. Walsh, H. Westgord, O. P. Westlund.

Brushing, clearing and building bees were often held when the neighbors got together to help someone get something done quickly and usually wound up with some amusement.

Information furnished by: 
B. T. Gunderson, Clerk 
Town of Wittenberg