This article was originally published in the Shawano County Journal -- April 20, 1926, "with the help of Dr. W. H. Cantwell & D. E. Wescott"...

Angelica was named for the town of Angelica in New York State.  The town of Angelica in this county was settled by New York people, the Ainsworth and McGees who came early to the town when Will Upham had a sawmill there.
Askinette is named after a Menominee Indian Chief.
Bartelme was so named after a farmer in the new town.
Briarton was so named because after the pine was cut off the territory grew up to raspberry and black berry bushes.  It was a great berry country in the seventies. (1870's)
Cecil was named after an engineer from the St. Paul Eastern Grand Trunk railway.  He was an Englishman who had come here to do railroad construction work.
Fairbanks was named after the first family of the town.
Frazier is named after George Frazier, well known settler.
Germania is so named because of early settlement of Germans.
Gresham is named after H. Q. Gresham, postmaster general when the post office at Gresham was established.
Grant is named after the great General, Ulysses Grant.
Hartland was named after a province in Germany.
Hofa Park was named after J. J. Hoff who brought colonies of settlers from Chicago to settle on the cut-over land.
Hunting is named after the Hunting River, and that was so named because there was good hunting in that vicinity years ago.
Hutchins was named after Tom Hutchins, early settler.
Lessor was so named after a family by that name.
Leopolis was named after the Greek town of ancient history.  Leopolis was founded in this county by N. M. Edwards of Appleton.
Lunds was named after John Lunds, farmer and business man.
Maple Grove was named after the sugar maples that grew in that vicinity.
Morgan is named after O. E. Morgan who established the mill and lumbering business at that centre.
Pleshek was named after Franz Pleshek, grandfather of the present generation of Plesheks.
Red Springs was so named from a stream that runs through the clay deposit giving it a red color in the spring and after rains.
Richmond was named after Abial Richmond who plated the first plat of Shawano.  He and Danks made later plats.
Scott was named after Courtney Scott, an early logger.
Washington of course was named after the Father of our Country.
Wescott was named after C. D. Wescott, father of the Wescott boys, now the older settlers living in Shawano.