My only one bit of advice concerning old pictures (my "pet" project) is:  Get them out of those old boxes and those magnetic "sticky" paged books, make negatives of the old ones (as they ALL will deteriorate eventually!) and put them in frames and GET THEM UP ON YOUR WALLS so everyone can enjoy them!  Even "copies" dipped in sepia (brown-tones) look GREAT!  So get great-grandma out of the attic and onto your fireplace mantel.  She'll love the change of scenery! and your children might just ASK about these people!

     Here's where we have space to post OLD pictures or postcards of the Shawano are.  I've divided this into the KNOWN and the UNKNOWN.  If you have old photos that you're not sure who the people are with the black dog by the old farmhouse (Grandma only wrote "our dog Blackie" on the photo's back), this is the place to put them!  You never know who might visit the site and KNOW the rest of the people in the picture.  If you have a scanner, great.  If not, places like OfficeMax or Staples will scan the photos on a disk for you so you can email them to me.  Include what information you do know of the photo.  And, for people's privacy, let's put a 72 year-cap on them--any pictures taken  BEFORE 1929--UNLESS you know the individuals are deceased.  Example: Your mother's  "family picture" was taken in 1940 and everyone is deceased -- OK to post.

Can you help identify these people?
1914 St. Paul's School, Town of Washington (Cecil) WI
circa 1927 St. Paul's Confirmation Class, Town of Washington (Cecil) WI
1935 FALK Family-Shawano Lake
1920s Homme Home in Wittenberg, Wisconsin
Erwin Herman HEINS (1890 - 1918)
The William B. FELTS Family - Tilleda
The Edward KEUP Family - Tilleda
Leslie LANG (1908 - 1944)
The Fred C. MAAS Family - Tilleda
Roger RICKERT (1947 - 1968)
Wenceslaus & Margareth STOEHR - Town of Herman
The Wenzel STOEHR Family - Town of Herman
The Friedrich Anton & Clara HEINS Family - Town of Herman
The Elisha & Nancy ALEXANDER Family - North of Shawano
Almond & Lillie (Olmsted) HAMMOND - Town of Waukechon
The Carl BLAESE Family - Town of Hartland
Julius LEMKE 50th Wedding Anniversary - Cecil
Fred & Emma BLAESE - Whitcomb
Noffke, Blaese & Hinkfuss - Town of Hartland
Karl & Auguste BUETTNER - Town of Richmond
Michael & Emeline STOEHR Wedding 
Alfred T. & Jane HAMMOND - Town of Waukechon
BRUNNER FARMS -Town of Grant
The John SCHNEURSTEIN Family - Town of Richmond
Alfred & Jane HAMMOND'S Home - Riverside
George & Amelia AINSWORTH - Town of Waukechon
E. P. CHASE Inn - Town of Waukechon
John and Margaret OLMSTEAD - Town of Hartland
Sazama, Kazada, Pevonka & Brunner - Town of Herman
Leopolis Boys Making Hay
Leopolis Baseball Team
James & Alice DRAKE - Shawano
Bowler High School Class of 1939
Family of Alfred T. Hammond - Town of Waukechon
Page 1 Shawano High School, Lincoln School in Shawano, Bonduel Main Street, 1940's Shawano Main Street; 1950 Shawano Courthouse
Page 2 Homme Home in Wittenberg, Hotel Bowler, First National Bank in Shawano, Shawano Main Street;
Page 3 Shawano Courthouse & Jail, Main Street Shawano, Shawano City Library, Shawano Depot;
Page 4 Government Indian School near Shawano, Shawano Hospital, Oldie of Bonduel, Oldie of Wittenberg;
Page 5 Bowler School, Shawano Brewery, Cecil, and two Tigerton Main Street;
Page 6 1911 Tilleda Streetcar, Belle Plaine Logging, Belle Plaine Street, Lyndhurst Loggers, Shawano Lutheran 1908, St. Jakobi School, German National Bank;
Page 7 1911 Green Valley, 4 postcards of Neopit,
Page 8 Rundhammer-Birnamwood, Bowler Lumber Company, 1910 Gresham, Wm. Miller-Bowler, J. Bricco Cedar Crew, 1936 Wittenberg Lutheran Church, 1929 Shawano Mainstreet, 1910 Catholic Church in Birnamwood;
Page 9 Split Rock School, Embarrass River House in Caroline, John Mueller's bowery, 1911 Caroline bowery, Gresham State Bank, Pella bridge-1912 flood, St. Jakobi Church;
Page 10 St James Lutheran School, St. John's Episcopal Church, The Commodore Perry, Old Murdock House, Sacred Heart Church & School, Shawano Library;
Page 11 Birnamwood Main Street circa 1910; Bonduel Main Street circa 1910; 1911 Shawano County Jail, Shawano; 1915 Shawano Main Street; Main Street Cecil circa 1940-1950's; Congregational Church, Birnamwood;
Page 12 1900 Tigerton Railroad Crew; Aniwa - 1910; 1910 Main Street - Shawano; Jolly Jester Minstral Show - Wittenberg; 1916 Tigerton Lumber Co.; 1919 Franklin St. - Shawano
Page 13 1962 Cecil Bird's Eye; 1910 Birnamwood High School; Bonduel downtown; Caroline, WI postcard; Lincoln High School - 1930; Lyndhurst Trainwreck 1912;
Page 14 1950's Main Street - Shawano; 1913 - Murdock House - Shawano; 1915 - Mattoon School; 1910 Shawano High School - Shawano; Shawano Main Street;
Page 15 Zion Evangelical Church, Bonduel; Zilesch Homecoming - Tigerton; Residence Street - Wittenberg; Government Indian School - Wittenberg; 1947 Wittenberg Public Library; 1925 Wittenberg High School; Netzel & Van Dree's Store - Wittenberg; 1911 Wittenberg Street;
Page 1 Charles Hahn barn-raising, 1912 Caroline Dam, 1932 Wussow Farms, Wittenberg's Girls Basketball 1910-1911, Wittenberg 1900's view, Mattoon School, Mielke Bros. Lumber Camp, Red Lumber Camp-Bowler;
Page 2 Grosskopf Bros. Crew, Old Leopolis Dam, Marquardt & Baeling threshing crew, E. L. Salzman threshing crew, Valley View Cheese Factory-Grant Twp.;
VINTAGE SHAWANO COUNTY by Cathe Ziereis  & Dave Maas