TOWN OF MAPLE GROVE-- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The Town of Maple Grove was formed in the year 1870. Today, over eighty-five per cent of the people living in the township are of Polish descent.

William Crofoot was the first Town Chairman. Other officers to first serve the township were Oley Oleson and Hans Lausten, Supervisors; Tom Bradmock, Assessor; Martin Keating, Treasurer; Niel McKinnon, Clerk; O. B. Stevens, Justice; and John Hallam, Constable.

The Laney school was the first school to be built to serve the people of the area. These pioneers sought early ways and means to educate their children. The school was erected in 1876.

In the years 1874 and 1875, settlers began coming into the region, locating along what is now highway 29.

Miles Lutsey, Martin Keating, Ole Knutsen, Nels Nelson, William Crofoot, Ole Olson, Hans Lausten, Tom Bradnock, Niel McKinnon, O. B. Stevens and John Hallam were among the first settlers.

Ole Knutsen built the first grocery store in 1876 to serve the settlement.

The first Polish families that moved into Maple Grove in the fall of 1877 were: Mike Lepak, Frank Lepak, Valentine Zygmanski, and Valentine Peplinski. The first child born of the Polish families was Harry Peplinski.

In 1883 the first church was built at Hofa Park with a seating capacity of 100 persons.

The Kosmicki Brothers built the first grocery store in Hofa Park in 1883. The store also served as the first postoffice.

The first school in Hofa Park was erected in 1885 and Miss Cathryn Dillett was the first teacher.

Charles F. Dillett, father of the present County Judge, C. B. Dillett, in the early days of the township, was elected Town Clerk and served for three years. In 1895 Andrew Dillett, uncle of Judge Dillett, was elected Town Clerk and served for two years. Both Andrew and Charles Dillett also held the office of Justice of the Peace for several years.

The rolling countryside, with its rich soil and forest land, attracted many to the area now known as the Town of Maple Grove. Today, the children of that hearty generation are farming the land, and, like their ancestors, contributing richly to the growth and prosperity of Shawano County.

Information furnished by:
Felix Rozmiarek, Clerk,
Town of Maple Grove.