TOWN OF LESSOR-- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The first settlers coming to the area that is now the Town of Lessor, had to cut their own roads into the land where they claimed a farm. An axe and a grub-hoe were their only tools.

The little Hamlet of Frazer, in the Town of Lessor, was named in honor of George Frazer. He was the first settler to locate in that place, and his daughter, Anna, was the first white child born in the township.

Among the other first settlers were Mike Olson, Chris Larson, Wm. Champion, Wm. Sherbeck and William Cartier.

When they came to the settlement they had to pay 25 cents a pound for salt pork, and nine dollars for a barrel of flour. They did their threshing with a flail. Eight cents was charged for threshing a bushel of oats, and ten cents fon a bushel of wheat.

Mr. Frazer was the first Chairman of the Town of Lessor. He also served as Town Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor and Justice of the Peace.

The present Lutheran Church, "Our Savior," was the first church organized in the township.

When other settlers came in 1878, the township was in a primitive condition. The land was heavily timbered, and there was plenty of work to be done.

Some of the early families were engaged in the business of shingle-making, such as the Fisher  brothers,   Harry   and  Albert.   Their   father, Martin Fisher, who was born in Canada, came to the Town of Lessor in 1878.

Information furnished by: 
Clark Kvaley, Clerk, 
Town of Lessor.