(This information was sent to me by the 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library)


State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library

If the Library does not have material which you need, we will be happy to try to obtain it for you through interlibrary loan (ILL). We also lend our materials to other libraries around the world when they are requested through ILL.

How to Obtain Material We Don't Own

1. Check the card catalogs (here and at Memorial Library) and the computer catalog to verify that there is no copy on campus. Call the Madison Public Library at (608) 266-6300 to see if any local libraries can quickly provide a copy.
2. If no copy is available locally, request an ILL application from the microforms or circulation staff. Fill it out as completely and accurately as possible and return it to the microforms or circulation desk.
3. We'll contact you when the material arrives. Although policies vary with lenders, most requests take 2-3 weeks and items can be kept for 14 days. Pick up books in room 221 and microforms in the Microforms Room.
4.  Fees: we charge you nothing to obtain material unless the lending institution imposes a fee. If the lender charges a fee or will only provide photocopies for a cost, we will notify you before proceeding.
5. Restrictions: some institutions may designate items "for library use only" or impose other restrictions on how their materials can be used. You are expected to abide by those restrictions.
6. Return ILL books directly to room 221, not to the main circulation desk. Return microforms to the Microforms Room.

How to Have Our Material Sent to Your Local Library (we urge visitors from outside Madison not to borrow materials while here, but to use the ILL program of their local library instead).

1. Fill out an ILL application at your local public or academic library, and they will communicate with us via computer or mail.
2. Fees: there is no charge for loans to Wisconsin libraries. Non-Wisconsin libraries will be charged $15.00 per title. There is a limit of 6 volumes of a printed work or 6 reels of a microfilmed title. [Librarians please note: mailed requests require prepayment.]
3. Restrictions: we will not loan family histories, local histories which are substantially genealogical or contain substantial lists of names, out of state censuses, pamphlets under 50 pages, fragile material, oversized volumes (including bound newspapers) or rare books. We will loan almost everything else, including government documents and microfilm.
4. Materials obtained through ILL may be kept up to 30 days after they are received in your local library. Return the items to your local ILL office, not directly to us.
Internet addresses for our library and archives catalogs (note that the online catalog is far from complete) http://www.wisconsinhistory.org


Newspapers/Periodicals-All Wisconsin newspapers are on microfilm and available through ILL.
Many of the non-Wisconsin newspapers are on microfilm and available. Newspapers that are in bound condition are not available through ILL. Periodicals also circulate, as long as they are not genealogical titles.
Federal Census-only Wisconsin 1820-1880, 1900-1920 is available through ILL (index also). 
To request a federal census: note the year, state (WI), county and ED# (if applicable). To request an index: note the year, state (WI) and name of person. (There is no index for the 1910 Federal census for Wisconsin.)
Wisconsin State Census-circulates. 1836, 1838, 1842, 1846, 1847, 1855, 1865, 1875, 1885, 1895 and 1905.  1905 index circulates. 
To request a state census: note the year and county. To request a 1905 index: note the year, county and name of person.
Mortality Schedule (WI 1850-1880) 
Special schedules taken with the federal census that note deaths that occurred in the 12 months preceding the day the census was taken. To request a WI mortality schedule: note the year, state (WI) and county.
Agricultural Schedule (WI 1850-1880)-special schedules that were taken to enumerate information about farms. 
There are found at the end of each county in the federal census. To request a WI agricultural census: note the year, state (WI) and county.
Wisconsin Local Office Tract Books
These ledger books record the first sale of land in Wisconsin by the federal government to the original purchasers. To request: note the volume number, township/range/section description.
Civil War Compiled Service Records (WI)
These records contain information on soldiers who fought for Wisconsin. There are 2 groups of these records and it is best to ask for each type of book (red or blue) because each gives slightly different catagories of information. To request: note the type of unit (infantry, cavalry, artillery), unit number and company letter.
Wisconsin County History Microfilm Collection
This is a collection of pre-1910 county histories and plat maps. Check the computer catalog (MadCat) to find holdings in this collection. To request: note the title, author, reel and number. (Also the call number, if possible.)
Draper Manuscripts-Lyman Copeland Draper collected information pertaining to Trans-Allegheny America, ca. 1750-1820. 
Most of his collection is not fully indexed. Therefore, you may want to consult Guide to the Draper Manuscripts by Josephine L. Harper. To request: note the series and volume.