TOWN OF BIRNAMWOOD-- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The Town of Birnamwood was organized about 1883, and it was also about that period that the Village of Birnamwood and the Village of Eland were incorporated.

The first school was built in the northern part of the Township in Section 10. Another school was erected in the southern part of the Township in late 1880. The first church in the Township was built in the Village of Birnamwood.

Miss Kiterick, Miss Weiland and Amelia Holmes were the early teachers in the Township schools.

Some of the early Town officers were B. A. Cady, A. A. Cady, Mr. Sprague, Mr. Cole, and Mr. Jensen.

The first settlers in the northern part of the Township were the Madsen, Carlson, Benjamin, Rath, and Engersal families, and the Stipp Brothers. Coming to the southern part of the Township were the Thorgersons, Kittlesons, Klemensons, Wm. Schenk, H. Gilbertson, M. Anderson, G. Matson, O. Hanson and Mr. Helgerson.

Benjamin Cady was a well known lawyer in the Birnamwood Township. He was a veteran of the Civil War and came from Vermont to Wisconsin, attending Milton College. He came to Birnamwood in 1883 when he entered the mercantile business and continued his law practice.

Information furnished by: 
Henry Gilbertson, Clerk, 
Town of Birnamwood.