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WILLIAM J. SCHUMACHER, member of the firm of Schumacher & Co., leading merchants of Tigerton, Shawano county, where he is regarded as an active, hustling young business man, is a native of Wisconsin, born April 1, 1872, in Calvary, Fond du Lac county.
He is a son of Mathias Schumacher, who was of German nativity, coming to United States in 1841 with his parents; who settled in Fond du Lac county, Wisconsin, on a piece of wild land covered with primeval forest. The journey from Sheboygan was made in a wagon, which Grandfather Schumacher (also named: Mathias), who was a wagon-maker by trade, made out of large logs hewn into proper shape, and this decidedly primitive vehicle was drawn by oxen over ground that but few white men had yet traveled, for there were as yet no roads, and wild animals still roamed the woods in undisturbed freedom.  Nothing daunted, however, these courageous pioneers set to work to make a clearing, and in course of time had a comfortable home redeemed from the stubborn wilderness. From time to time Grandfather Schumacher added to his first land purchase until at the time of his death he had accumulated 120 acres. He had four children, a brief sketch of whom is as follows: Ann bought out the heirs of the old home farm in Fond du Lac, lives thereon and personally conducts it; Susan is the wife of H. Molitor, a baker by trade, now retired, and living in Milwaukee (they have three children); Mathias will have special mention farther on; Mary is the wife of H. Hubbard, of Fond du Lac (they have eight children). 
Mathias Schumacher, the father of our subject, had his home  in Fond du Lac county from the time he located there in 1841 until 1880, during which long period of time he had in part worked on the home farm, in part on the railroad, having been baggagemaster some ten years. He married Miss Margaret Riordon, a native of Ireland, and by her had three children: Lillie, William J. and Mathias,  all yet living at home.  In 1881 the family came to Tigerton, Shawano county, where there were at that time but few settlers, their first house here being a log house, which is still standing, and here they boarded men employed on the railroad, Mrs. Schumacher (her husband having died in 1882 at the age of forty-two years) having since continued keeping boarders, the son William J. assisting her in her affairs. In 1894 the mother and son embarked in mercantile business in Tigerton, under the firm name of Schumacher & Co., the son managing the store.  They are members of the Catholic Church.  They enjoy the esteem and regard of a wide circle of friends, and in their mercantile pursuits they do a thriving business.

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