Shawano County Journal Friday, Aug. 11, 1882
Contributed by Cathe Ziereis
Shawano FHC Collection

OBITUARY: We are permitted to take the following biographical sketches of William and Lewis Rogers, drowned in Lake Shawano on Friday, Aug. 4th, from the sermon delivered by Rev. D. V. Teed, on Wednesday.

WILLIAM NORRIS ROGERS was born in Berea, Kentucky, Jan. 6th, 1859. He graduated from college at the age of 18, having previously taught for a year, a select school near Philadelphia. After he graduated he acted as clerk of the Indian agent at Keshena, for several months and then accepted the position of assistant editor of the Racine Advocate, which he held until he resigned it to take the editorship of the Shawano Journal. This position he held for about 3 years, and gave up for the purpose of studying medicine. He attended a course of lectures at the Rush Medical College in Chicago, last winter. This spring, when the Professor of Natural Sciences, in Berne College resigned, he was appointed acting professor, and gave the last term very acceptable lectures in chemistry and geology. Returning home at the close of the term, he went to Colorado that he might minister to the comfort of a friend who was lying very ill. When 10 years of age, he united with the church at Berne, Ky., and his childish faith grew, after years of questioning and inquiry, into a profound conviction of the life and help in Christ. From early childhood he was a scholar; he began the study of the classics at the age of 9 and while yet a lad was president of a Natural History club. He was a great reader, and read wisely and discriminately through a very broad field. He especially delighted in literature English and German poetry, the natural sciences and constitutional law. While in college, he was assistant librarian, and had an unusual knowledge of the whole range of books. He was deeply affectionate in his nature, and though not disposed to make many strong friendships, was ardently devoted to those with whom he was intimate. He gave himself heartily to any work in which he was engaged. As a Sunday school superintendent, without many words, he opened up the lessons in a way that to those best able to judge was marvelous. In his Christian life, there was not the least pretentiousness he had an abomination for religious words that did not come from the lowest depths of the heart, A favorite motto with him were the words Live I, so live I, To my Lord heartily, To my Prince faithfully, To my neighbor honestly, Die I, so die I. He was not inclined to reveal himself and his real worth and ability were disclosed only to those who knew him most intimately.

LEWIS FAIRCHILD ROGERS was born at Decatur, Ohio, Nov. 4, 1862, his parents having previously been driven from their home in Berea, Kentucky, because of their love of freedom. He entered college at Berea, at the age of 15, and spent the two following years at Shawano; his last two he was a student at Olive College, Mich., and a member of the senior class at the time of his death. He was exceedingly faithful and thorough as a student, indeed was so faithful in every thing he did, that he was often called by his intimate friends, "Old Faithfulness." He was excessively modest, but was greatly appreciated and loved by his college mates. His sense of responsibility in everything he undertook was very strong and sometimes almost crushing. He united with the church at Berea at the age of 12, and was scrupulously exact in the performance of every Christian duty. At Olive, although exhausted by constant effort during the week, he walked every Sunday afternoon several miles into the country to help make profitable a religious meeting. Like his brother William, he hated all cant and was cheerful and hopeful in his trust in God. He had seriously thought of going as a foreign missionary, for the church of Shawano of which he was a member. He had a special love, and was never absent from or tardy at a prayer meeting or public service. He daily studied his Bible and meditated upon the true end of life. Nothing was more characteristic of his life than his tender thoughtfulness of others; he anticipated their wants and met them in the simplest way possible, ever seeming to complete by forgetting himself. They were bound in the closest ties to each other and their other brothers and sister as well as their parents, and the last weeks of their lives each was set on an act of self sacrifice for the good of the other. Upon the news of their death on Friday there came to the lips of many these following words; "Lovely and pleasant were they in their lives and in death they were not divided."

Friday, Aug. 18, 1882 _ Shawano County Journal
DROWNED - In Shawano Lake, Friday, Aug. 4th, 1882, WILLIAM NORRIS ROGERS, aged 23 years, 6 months and 28 days, and LEWIS FAIRCHILD ROGERS, aged 19 years and 9 months, sons of J. A. H. Rogers, of Shawano, Wisconsin.

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