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JOSEPH KERN, M. D., who has a large medical practice in Washington township, Shawano county, was born in the city of Basel, Switzerland, June 20, 1864, and is the son of Joseph and Mary A. (Berger) Kern, who were both born in Switzerland. Mrs. Kern's father was born in France.
Joseph Kern, Sr., was a lumber merchant, and a dealer in real estate. He and his wife both died in Switzerland, in 1871, leaving but one child, Joseph, the subject of this sketch. Joseph Kern attended school in his native city, Basel, until the age of nine, and then entered college, where he remained for nine years. He next commenced the study of medicine, which he pursued successfully in Heidelberg, Germany; Basel, Switzerland, and Jena, Germany. Entering the University Hospital in Jena, in 1888, he practiced there until 1890. On March 19, he and his family took passage at Antwerp, sailing for the United States on the steamer, "Western Land," and landing, after a voyage of thirteen days, in New York. They came direct to Dodge county, Wis., reaching Hustisford, in that county, on April 15, and there he practiced until January, 1891, when he removed to Cecil, Washington township, Shawano county, and erected a large and beautiful home. He has an extensive practice, and has been very successful. At present he is building an addition to his house, which will be used for baths—Turkish, Russian, electrical, etc. In 1885, in Jena, Germany, Dr. Joseph Kern was united in marriage with Miss Hedwig Peter, and they have had three children—Emma, Hildegard and one not yet named.
J. Conrad, a grand-uncle of Dr. Kern, is a Swiss statesman. He was born in Arenburg, Canton of Thurgau, in 1808, and studied theology at Basel, but abandoning his plan of entering the ministry, he turned his attention to law, which he studied successfully at Basel, Heidelberg and Paris. On his return to his native canton he was appointed to the presidency of the Supreme Court, and the Council of Public Instruction, and in these offices made himself remarkable for his talent for public speaking, and for his great legal and administrative sagacity. When, in 1838, the French government demanded the extradition of Prince Napoleon, he took the most prominent part at the diet in stirring up the Swiss to refuse to be intimidated. In 1848 he took an active part in the preparation of the federal constitution. Afterward he established the Polytechnic school of Zurich, one of the most admirable institutions of the kind in Europe. In 1857 he was elected to complete negotiations regarding the dispute with Prussia, and at the conference of Paris, between the great powers, he represented Switzerland.  One of Dr. Kern’s grandfathers was an officer under Napoleon the First.

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