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FREDERICK C. SCHEWE, a prominent, influential agriculturist of Shawano county, Wis., is a native of Prussia, Germany, born  July 6, 1846, a son of  Charles and Charlotte (Ewald) Schewe, who were the parents of five children, as follows: Henrietta,  now the wife of Robert Schiltz, of New London, Waupaca Co., Wis.; Frederick C., the subject of this memoir; Pauline, deceased; Ulrike, deceased; and Carl, a leading agriculturist and blacksmith of Grant township, Shawano county. 

In 1854 the family, crossed the ocean to the New World, the vessel in which they took passage dropping anchor in an American port on July 6. On their arrival in this country the family settled in Milwaukee, Wis., where they remained six months; while living in Milwaukee the father was stricken with that dire disease, cholera. On his recovery, the family moved to Sheboygan county, Wis., where Mr. Schewe found employment as a day laborer, remaining there four years, at the expiration of which time they removed to Belle Plaine at that time an unbroken wilderness. Here Mr. Schewe purchased a forty-acre tract of timberland in Section 22, on which was erected a log house 18 x 24, and the arduous task of clearing the land immediately commenced, and four acres of rye were sown. Shortly afterward forty acres more were added to the farm, and, as the reward of many hours of hard, honest labor, Mr. Schewe had the satisfaction of seeing the many noble giants of the forests give place to beautiful fields of golden grain, and where once stood the old; primitive log house, around which, to the old pioneer, hover many pleasant recollections of days gone by, is now to be seen a home of comfort and architectural beauty. The mother's death occurred May 3, 1889. The father remained on the old homestead until 1894, when he went to live with his daughter, Mrs. Robert Schiltz, of New London.

Frederick C. Schewe, the gentleman whose name introduces this sketch, received but a very meager education, his vast fund of useful knowledge, which he now possesses, having been acquired by many years of hard study in the "school of experience." Our subject remained at home until nineteen years of age, working on different farms in the neighborhood, always giving his small earnings to his father to help in the support of the family.  In 1867 Mr. Schewe was united in marriage with Caroline Raasch, a daughter of Gottlieb and Fredrica (Wockenfusz) Raasch, who came to America in 1866. To this union were born children as follows: Albert, born November 20, 1871; Emma, born January 20, 1874, now the wife of Abe Hedge, of Belle Plaine; Ulrike, born March 20, 1876; Paulina, December 4. 1878, Clara, February 13, 1880; Linda, born May 21, 1882, died in 1886; Mary, born November 20, 1885;  Laura, May 12, 1888; Alma, January 11, 1893, and Frederick, who died in infancy. At the time of his marriage our subject owned eighty acres of land in Section 24, Belle Plaine township, on which he resided, and cultivated the same until 1869, in which year he moved to Shawano, Shawano Co., Wis., and opened a furniture store, which he carried on until 1872, when he removed to New London, Waupaca county, and engaged in the same business.  At the end of two years he removed to Howe township, Oconto county, and again embarked in agricultural pursuits, purchasing 160 acres of timberland, which he cleared and afterward cultivated, soon possessing a most excellent farm.  At the end of ten years he disposed of his farm and removed to Belle Plaine, Shawano county, where he built a store and engaged in mercantile pursuits for four years, but met with a serious loss, his store being burned to the ground on December 26, 1890. Mr. Schewe then decided to abandon a mercantile career, and to devote his whole time to agricultural pursuits. Accordingly he purchased the old homestead farm in Shawano county, consisting of 120 acres of good land, seventy acres of which are under a high state of cultivation, upon which he still resides, his being one of the best in the county. 

Politically Mr. Schewe is affiliated with the Democratic party, and takes an active interest in all the affairs of his State. His many friends, recognizing in him a man of more than ordinary ability, have frequently persuaded him to accept positions of honor and trust, he having been town clerk for many years, and justice of the peace for the past twenty years. In Howe township he has filled the positions of chairman, clerk and treasurer, and has always done everything in his power, financially and otherwise, to further the interests of his township. Socially our subject is a member of the Mason's Lodge and Shawano Lodge No. 46, I. O. O. F. The family are faithful members of the Lutheran Church, and enjoy the respect of a large circle of friends.

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