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L. ROTHMAN, M. D., the leading practitioner of Wittenberg, Shawano county, is a native of Calumet, Fond du Lac Co., Wis., where he was born of German parentage, September 21, 1861.
His father, Philip Rothman, was born in Germany, and was a pioneer blacksmith of Fond du Lac county, people coming to him for forty miles to have their work done, and often remaining over night in order to await their turns. His capital was exhausted when he reached this country, but he was industrious and energetic, and work could be secured by willing ones, so he prospered in his undertakings. In Germany he married Miss Barbara Lauder, and they had a daughter, Margaret, when in the early "fifties" they came to the United States. Here the following children were born: J. Philip, now one of the leading general merchants of Stevens Point, Wis., owner of the C. O. D. store; Catherine, wife of Henry Schneidler, St. Paul, Minn.; Cristine, wife of Michael Burg, of Calumet, Fond du Lac county; Elizabeth, wife of Rev. D. Rifenbark, of Canton, S. Dak.; Mary, wife of Edgar Rifenbark, of Glendale, Md.; .our subject; John, a clerk in Stevens Point, Wis.; and Emily, of Glendale, Md. The father died in Calumet in his thirty-eighth year, and the mother still makes her home in that place. She courageously and energetically worked to keep her family together, and provided for them until they had reached an age sufficient to care for themselves.
The Doctor was only five years old when his father died. He began his education in Calumet Harbor, Wis., and in 1882 entered the Oshkosh Normal School, where he pursued his studies for a year and a half, not attending continuously, however. He taught school for three years in his native-county, and in the fall of 1884 entered Rush, Medical College, of Chicago, from which he was graduated in February, 1887, receiving his diploma and the degree of M D. In April following he came to Wittenberg, and began the practice of his profession, which he successfully continued until July, 1892.
In August, of the same year, Dr. Rothman was married in Omro, Wis., to Miss Lottie Lake, a native of Oshkosh, this State, and a daughter of Benjamin Lake. In March, 1893, he returned to Wittenberg, where he has since successfully engaged in the prosecution of his chosen profession and by the members of the medical fraternity, as well as the general public, his skill and ability are acknowledged. He undoubtedly has a bright future before him. He deserves much credit for the success he has achieved, which is due to his ambition, his enterprise and progressive spirit. 
In politics, Dr. Rothman is a stanch Democrat, and is regarded as one of the leaders of his party in the county. He is now assistant postmaster of Wittenberg, and is a member of the board of pension examiners. While not an office seeker, he takes a deep interest in the success and welfare of his party. On two occasions he declined a nomination for State Representative, as he does not wish to allow politics to interfere with professional duties. All measures calculated to promote the welfare of town and county receive his support and he is truly a public-spirited citizen whom the community could ill afford to lose.

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