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FISHER BROTHERS, who are general merchants and dealers in implements at Angelica, Shawano county, are among the wide-awake and pushing young business men of the county. The firm consists of two brothers, Harry and Albert, born, respectively, July 14, 1859, in Milwaukee, and June 12, 1862, in Sheboygan Falls, Sheboygan county, Wis.  They are sons of Martin Fisher, at present one of the prominent farmers of Lessor township, Shawano county.

Martin Fisher was born in Canada, came to the United States a young man with no means, save his own energy and industry, and was united in marriage in Granville, Milwaukee Co., Wis., with Miss Carrie Dufcher, who was born in that county.

They have had the following named children: Harry and Albert, the subjects of this sketch; Nellie, now Mrs. Frank Hathaway, of Centralia, Wood county; William, at home; and Clara, now Mrs. Plynn Miller, of Shawano county, Wis.   Martin Fisher was employed for some time as a section foreman on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, and about 1860 removed to Sheboygan Falls, Wis., where for six or seven years he was engaged in the manufacture of pumps. He then went to Cooperstown, Manitowoc county, where he conducted the hotel known as "Kings House," carried on a successful business, and later removed to De Pere, Brown county. There he was landlord at the "National House," where he remained until the spring of 1878, when he removed to Lessor township, Shawano county, and bought eighty acres of land in Section 24, which was in a primitive condition, and undisturbed by the early settler. A small log house in the woods was the first home, and there were but few settlers in the neighborhood.   The land was heavily timbered, there was plenty of work to be done, and clearing, etc., was commenced. This represented much work, before the new farms became the source of any revenue to the early pioneers, and this was the case with Mr. Fisher's farm, but the work of himself and his boys soon put a different appearance upon the scene.
Mr. Fisher has improved his farm from time to time until now it comprises sixty acres of land which has all been cleared by himself and family.  In politics he has always been a Democrat, and stanch is his support of the party. He is one of the substantial farmers and citizens of Lessor township, has made his money by hard knocks, perseverance and industry, having commenced a poor young man, and is respected and held in esteem by all who know him.

Harry Fisher received the common-school education of his time, lived at home when a young man, and was employed at such work as a young man could get to do in the different places, where his parents resided. While in De Pere he learned shingle-making, which, occupied much of his time until he launched into mercantile life, and was the cause of the loss of two fingers of his left hand by accident. In October 1889, with his brother Albert, he purchased the mercantile stock at Angelica, and though it was a new undertaking to them they seemed to adapt themselves to it at once, prospered from the start, and increased the trade considerably. After a short time they purchased the store-room, and later added implements to their stock, a department of the business which is under the able management of Albert, the younger member of the firm. Albert had a common-school education, and made his home with his parents until he embarked in business.

In May, 1891, Albert Fisher was united in marriage in Lessor township with Miss Christine Arnaman, who was born of German parentage, and was one of the estimable young ladies of Two Rivers, Manitowoc county. They have had two children:  Erwin and Harry. Mrs. Fisher's father was a farmer in Manitowoc county.  Harry Fisher and his brother Albert are both Republicans, and, though workers in their party, have never mingled in politics, declining offices and preferring to devote their time and attention solely to their business.   Harry looks after matters in the store, and Albert attends to the sale of implements and horses. They have, by fair and systematic methods, built up a large trade, enjoy the respect and confidence of a wide circle of patrons, and deserve to be classed among the foremost in the ranks of the representative business men of their county.

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