TOWN OF BARTELME-- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The Town of Bartelme was created by an ordinance presented to the County Board of Supervisors which was passed on June 13, 1912. It was then approved to detach land from the Town of Almon to create the Town of Bartelme.

On April 13, 1913, at a joint meeting of the towns, the division of assets and liabilities of the Towns was determined.

The first annual meeting of the new Township was held April 1, 1913 at the home of Frank Matz. Paul Fuhrman was elected chairman and was to receive $2.50 per day. H. Malitz and Adolph Zenisek were elected supervisors; E. J. Bartelme, clerk; Fred Bartelme, treasurer; H. Fuhrman, assessor. Constables were Fred C. Jahn and Fred Wolf; and Justices of the Peace, August Kroll and Wm. Kolpack.

The early assessment roll listed such items as horses, mules, and asses, valued at $3,815; and wagons, sleighs and carriages at $480.

Later, the Towns of Almon, Bartelme, Morris and Seneca, together created Joint School District Number 5. A tax of $800 was levied for school purposes of which the Town of Bartelme paid $467.37.

School District Number 1 was created in 1914. Wm. Hangartner was named clerk, Ed. Bohlman, treasurer; H. C. Voelz, director. School District Number 2 was created June 25, 1940.

By the year 1915 three persons living in the Township had automobiles.

The Town cemetery consisting of about two acres of land was purchased from Mr. Hangartner in 1920.

The first saloon license was issued to John Gogolin in 1913 for the sum of $100.00. 

Information contributed by: 
Rud. Biendarra, Clerk
Town of Bartelme