TOWN OF ANIWA-- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:
The Town of Aniwa was detached from the Town of Hutchins, and created May 5, 1885. That part of Shawano County was first settled about 1881.

Charles St. Peters was elected to serve as the first town chairman. The first supervisors were Wenzel Mondl and Andrew Rieland. Henry Carpenter was the first Town Clerk, A. S. Higgins, assessor, and Frank Steckbauer, treasurer.

About that time workers were getting 15 cents per rod for cutting out roads, and $1.30 per rod for laying corduroy. For road grading a worker was paid eight cents per rod, and for digging a grave for the poor, $1.00.

Miss Julia Bliss was the first teacher at the Sandy Lane school.

The early families included: Henry Carpenter, Frank Steckbauer, Charles St. Peters, Sam Klinner, J. N. Waite, Andrew Oberweiser, William Kopke, Godfriend Bear, Edward Wolf, Wenzel Mondl, Henry Krueger, Andrew Rieland, A. S. Higgins, Louis Steckbauer, John Youngbauer, Mike Sippl, Joe Bauer, Canfield Tebo, August Windau.

St. Boniface Congregation was the first to be organized in the township in 1884. The Reverend John Suebert of Clintonville was the first priest to visit the Mission.

The first church was erected between 1891 and 1893, which was the St. Boniface Church. The first resident pastor was the Reverend William De Haan.

Information contributed by 
J. H. James, 
Aniwa, Wis.