TOWN OF ALMON -- From Shawano County Centurawno  1853-1953:

The Town of Almon was organized by the Shawano County Board in 1873. A few years later the Towns of Birnamwood, Aniwa and Hutchins were organized out of this area. In 1913 the Town of Bartelme was created, leaving the Town of Almon thirty-six square miles, or thirty-six sections.

The first road district and the first school district were organized April 22, 1873. Each district comprised the whole town of Almon.

Carl Beilke was the first pathmaster in road district number one, and Herman Jahnke, Henrietta Staege and Bonlyn Baker were some of the first teachers in school district number one. The log schoolhouse was built on the Carl Kolpack farm.

St. Peter's Church was the first church to be constructed in the Town of Almon. It was built of logs and was also erected on the Herman Kolpack farm. One of its first pastors was the Reverend Emil Stubenvoll.

The first postoffice in the Town of Almon was named Stoneville. Carl Kolpack, the first chairman of the Town of Almon, was the first postmaster and the postoffice was in his dwelling house on his farm.

The star mail carrier made a round trip once a week between Leopolis and Stoneville, either on horse back or wagon and sleigh. Some years later, at the time Herman Jahnke became postmaster, the name of Stoneville was changed to Regina, and in 1909, when William Zahn was postmaster, the office was discontinued.

Among the early families who settled in the Town of Almon were the following:
Frederich   Schenk, August   Witte, Carl   Kolpack, August Kunzack, Fritz Schultz, William Kolpack, Carl Schenk, Carl Beilke, William Luepke, August Beilke, John Kowalske, William Gutt, Christof Kolpack, Peter Froelich, Gottfried Pukall, Herman Oppenberg, Edwin Lane, August Zander, Friederich   Matz, Ferdinand   Lindner, George Helvey, William   Weikel, August Tullberg, John Olson, William Gehrman, Theodore Till, Theodore Strassburg, Mike Radun, Gottfried Gutt, Christian Pukall, Carl Wohlfeil, Gottfried Leiskau, Jacob Gehrman and Fred Pukall. 

Information contributed by: 
William Zahn, Clerk, 
Town of Almon.