HOW WE ACQUIRED THIS:  This one even surprised me!  This REALLY neat book was up on ebay for auction.  I bid on it and lost to someone else.  I had this "idea" of just writing an email to the highest bidder and just ask to get xerox copies of the book's pages for the Shawano site.  I really thought I had two chances here -- slim and none.  And, lo and behold! Mike, the highest bidder, wrote back and said YES!!! And even better than copies, he said he'd mail me the book to copy/scan and I could just mail it back to him in Wisconsin.  And he doesn't even know me...I'm just some strange lady who asked a big favour!  And just when you think there aren't angels among us... A BIG THANKS goes to Mike Meyer & his cousin James Coughlin!  James has collected 2500+ books on Wisconsin towns and histories for 25+ years and has donated them to the Winneconne Library...if you get to Winneconne (Winnebago County), stop in and check it out as there are books there from all over WIsconsin, undoubtedly some that cover our neck-of-the-woods!

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