St. Paul's Lutheran Confirmation Class of 1927
Town of Washington (Cecil), Wisconsin
A special THANKS! to Renee Rhodman Cairns for sharing this photo with us!

~ St. Paul Lutheran Church Confirmation Class 
Town of Washington, circa 1927 ~

Renee's grandfather, Paul Falk (b. 1914), is in this photo so she estimates it at about 1927. Family members have tried to identify the people in the picture, but she's hoping "some eagle-eyed web visitors can help us out!" 

Front row: unk.girl, Reverend Borchers, unk.girl, unk.girl
Back row: Louie Weisnicht, Paul Falk, unk.boy, Louie Mehlorn, unk.boy (possibly a Buelow boy)

Renee is a great-niece to the FALK family....if you know any of these people, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.