St. Paul's Lutheran School
Town of Washington (Cecil), Wisconsin
A special THANKS! to Renee Rhodman for sharing this photo with us!

~ St. Paul Lutheran School, Town of Washington, circa 1914 ~

Renee sent this wonderful picture in...circa 1914 of  St. Paul Lutheran School and students. Amazingly enough, all names were written on the back.

They are:  (Left to Right) Henry Hartwig, Otto Schultz, Paul Froelich, William Behnke, Dave Hartwig, Edwin Hartwig, Ewold Froelich, Lenhard Hartwig, Edwin Schultz, Tillie Destinon (teacher), Ervin Marohl, Adolph Benter, Dewey Krueger, David Falk, Ella Popp, Arnold Falk, Hattie Karth, Dara Marohl, Hulda Benter, Bertha Marohl, Irene Dicke, Minnie Flessert, Clara Weisnicht, Pearl Friedrich, Lydia Krueger, and Florence Falk.

Renee is a great-niece to the FALK family....if you know any of these people, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.